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Meet our cohost this season, Carol Sutton Lewis

Carol Sutton Lewis, host of the podcast Ground Control Parenting, has long been interested in Black history. This season, she’s joining Lost Women of Science as a cohost to help tell the story of the mechanical engineer, Yvonne Young Clark. Known as Professor Clark to her students and YY to her engineering colleagues, YY’s career spanned academia and industry. She was a dedicated STEM educator and a champion of historically Black colleges and universities. Alongside cohost Katie Hafner, Carol will trace YY’s life and work through fascinating chapters of Black history, from the promises of Reconstruction to integration efforts at NASA.

Episode Transcript

Katie Hafner

Host & Executive Producer

Katie Hafner is a longtime reporter for The New York Times, where she continues to be a frequent contributor, writing on healthcare and technology. Katie is uniquely positioned to tell these stories. Not only does she bring a skilled hand to complex narratives, but she has been writing about women in STEM for nearly 30 years. The author of six works of non-fiction, she is currently the host and executive producer of Our Mothers Ourselves, an interview podcast that celebrates extraordinary mothers.