From The Jaws Of Obscurity To ... One Million Downloads!

From The Jaws Of Obscurity To ... One Million Downloads!

This month marks an important milestone for Lost Women of Science. We’ve hit one million podcast downloads!

We want to thank everyone on the Lost Women of Science team - our producers, engineers, marketing/promotional team, administrative staff, and our Advisory Board for their hard work and dedication.

Thanks so much to our generous funders and contributors who have made our work possible. And thank you to our devoted listeners, who have brought us to this important milestone. We promise to keep bringing you more great episodes!

And of course, thank you to all the wonderful female scientists whose stories we have told. It’s been a terrific journey. Go to to pick your favorite and listen again.

Here's To The Next Million

We have a bunch of new 30–minute episodes in the works. There’s Annie Maunder, the Victorian astronomer who followed the sun from eclipse to eclipse and Elizabeth Bates, the cognitive scientist whose theories on how language develops rocked the academic establishment, both coming soon. And this summer we’ll have a whole new season on one very special woman who saved thousands of pregnant women in the U.S. from having babies with birth defects.