Lost Women of Science

Lost Women of Science tells the remarkable stories of groundbreaking women who never got the full recognition they deserved – until now.

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About Lost Women of Science

The Lost Women of Science Initiative is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with two related missions: To tell the forgotten stories of female scientists who made groundbreaking achievements in their fields and to inspire girls and young women to embark on careers in STEM.

The Initiative’s flagship is the Lost Women of Science podcast, which, through deep reporting and rich storytelling, revisits the historical record one extraordinary scientist at a time.

Lost Women of the Manhattan Project

During World War II, thousands of scientists and engineers worked on the Manhattan project, the top secret push to develop an atomic bomb that would end the war. Two bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki did just that, while also killing hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians. The devastating potential of nuclear weapons sparked a moral controversy that continues to this day. Hundreds of the scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project were women. Over the next few weeks we’ll be bringing you a few of their stories.

This podcast is distributed by PRX and published in partnership with Scientific American. Our art is made by Paula Mangin.

What Our Listeners Say

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What a great idea for a show! The Matilda Effect episode was fascinating. Can’t wait for more. Telling all of my friends about this!

- cgb41, Apple Podcasts
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Wonderful podcast!
Inspiring story of a bright and compassionate physician, ahead of her time. I am fascinated and eager for future episodes. What a delightful random discovery!

-Annie Flycaster, Apple Podcasts
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Great show
Fabulous concept, well executed. I really like the voice of the host too, which is often a sticking point with me. Congratulations, all!

-Saltman52, Apple Podcasts
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Waiting (not so) patiently for each episode!
This show was recommended on another podcast I listen to and I am so glad to have found this gem! This podcast is well done and inspiring. The narrator’s voice is very even and the story is unfolded so you’re left on a cliffhanger waiting to hear about the next chapter of these great ladies lives! Definitely sending this to friends.

-Bananabox116, Apple Podcasts
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I have already shared this on my Facebook and will be hyping it when more episodes come out on my science tiktok! More please and soon!

-Shadowstar films & photography, Apple Podcasts
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Absolutely love the Lost Women of Science podcast and am SO excited to hear the new season! It's like a true crime podcast but for women in STEM!

-Sabina Wex (@SabuWex), Twitter
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The second episode of Lost Women of Science, my new favourite podcast, is named The Matilda Effect.
Matilda Effect means someone else gets credit for a woman's work and that someone else is a man.

-Umme H. Faisal, MBBS (@stethospeaks), Twitter
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I have shared the show more than once on social media. I believe it's extremely important to showcase these women in science - most of whom, even as a math/science teacher, I am unfamiliar with. Thank you!

- Emma S., PRX
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Loved the series on Clara Von Neuman (got me hooked). I've begun rolling my eyes at mentions of Ada Lovelace (over credited, but great communicator about the Babbage Engine). However, I now have a GREAT to highlight as a better example.

- Helen T., PRX
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As a woman trained in physics, I look forward to these stories. Especially loved the one about Madame Wu :)

- Evelyne Y., PRX
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Great show. I like how fair and balanced it is. Credits all people when deserved. Really appreciate efforts by Katie Hafner and team to explore depths of story.

- David H., PRX
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I’m a podcast snob - can’t stand poor audio, lazy editing - and this show is so good on every level, from story to interview style to sound quality. LOVE IT!

- Theresa G., PRX