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Harriet Jane Lawrence was one of the first female pathologists in the U.S. She worked in the early 1900s, hunting microbes and developing vaccines and serum therapies with the help of two hundred guinea pigs that she kept in her garage in Portland, Oregon. During the 1918 influenza pandemic, her work on a bacterial vaccine earned her presidential recognition, and has had a lasting impact on medicine.


  • Gloria Hodes
  • John Barry, author of The Great Influenza
  • Michael Worobey, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at The University of Arizona


  • Amy Scharf
  • Erica Huang


Erica Huang

Senior Producer

Erica is a sound designer, producer, and mix engineer for podcasts and radio. She’s contributed to shows for PRX, The Atlantic, Prologue Projects, Vox, Pushkin, Audible, LWC Studios, CNN, and TED. Erica is also the studio manager at Good Studio, where she’s recorded for Radiolab & This American Life. Ask her about analog synths and mechanical keyboards. Or don’t.


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