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While we work on our next episodes we wanted to bring you this great guest episode from SAPIENS: A Podcast for Everything Human. You’ll be hearing part of an 8-part series called Problems With Coming of Age, which revisits the life and work of anthropologist Margaret Mead. In 1925, a young Mead travelled to Samoa to explore the impact of cultural factors on adolescent development. In her subsequent book Coming of Age in Samoa, Mead described teenagers who were free to explore and express their sexuality. The book struck a chord with readers in the U.S., became a bestseller, and Mead skyrocketed to fame. But what were her actual methods and motivations? This episode traces Mead’s legendary nine-month stay in the South Pacific.

To listen to all eight episodes of Problems With Coming of Age go to: https://www.sapiens.org/podcast-season/season-6/


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