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Australian physicist Ruby Payne-Scott helped lay the groundwork for a whole new kind of astronomy: radio astronomy. By scanning the skies for radio waves instead of the light waves that we can see with our eyes, Payne-Scott and her colleagues opened a new window into the universe and transformed the way we explore it. But to keep her job as a woman working for the Australian government in the 1940s, Payne-Scott had to keep a pretty big secret.



  • Samia Bouzid - Samia Bouzid is an audio producer, writer and science communicator whose work spans a range of topics related to science and culture.
  • Carol Sutton Lewis


Samia Bouzid

Audio Producer and Sound Designer.

Samia is based in Philadelphia. Her work spans a range of themes, including science, language, and culture. She has contributed to shows such as the Duolingo French and Spanish podcasts, the BBC’s Short Cuts, and LWC Studios' 100 Latina Birthdays. She also writes scripts for science YouTube channels including SciShow and Be Smart. She holds an M.A. in journalism from the Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY and a B.S. in astrophysics from Rutgers University.

Elah Feder

Senior Producer.

Elah is a journalist, audio producer, and editor. Her work has appeared on Science Friday, Undiscovered, Science Diction, Planet Money, and various CBC shows. She has a masters from the University of Toronto, where she studied evolutionary biology, and later completed a masters at Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism.


  • Art design: Keren Mevorach
  • Picture credit: From the collection of Peter Hall


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