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Australian physicist Ruby Payne-Scott helped lay the groundwork for a whole new kind of astronomy: radio astronomy. By scanning the skies for radio waves instead of the light waves that we can see with our eyes, Payne-Scott and her colleagues opened a new window into the universe and transformed the way we explore it. But to keep her job as a woman working for the Australian government in the 1940s, Payne-Scott had to keep a pretty big secret.



  • Samia Bouzid - Samia Bouzid is an audio producer, writer and science communicator whose work spans a range of topics related to science and culture.
  • Carol Sutton Lewis


  • Samia Bouzid (Producer)
  • Elah Feder (Senior Producer)


  • Art design: Keren Mevorach
  • Picture credit: From the collection of Peter Hall


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